Sample articles and instructions

To write an article, choose appropriate journal, learn its theme and Requirements to the manuscripts.

Before submitting a manuscript, please carefully check Submission guidelines.

Make sure that your abstract clearly and concisely explains what is new in your paper and why that is important.

Optimizing your article for search engines – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – helps to ensure it appears higher in the results returned by search engines such as Google. This helps you attract more readers, gain higher visibility in the academic community and potentially increase citations.

  • Use keywords, especially in the title and abstract.
  • Add captions with keywords to all photographs, images, graphs and tables.
  • Add titles or subheadings (with keywords) to the different sections of your article.

Authors must incorporate correct JEL-classification following and abstract.Format bibliography according to APA style (OWL Purdue Guide). In order to save your time and provide correct citations, please use an online citation generator (BibMe, CiteThisForMe etc.) or bibliography software like EndNote.
Also, note that if the source is available online, it should be provided with an appropriate hyperlink, for example:

El Rehim, A.M.Y.A. (2017). The potential of Egypt’s soft power post Arab Spring. Geopolitics under Globalization, 1(1), 12-16
Zhuravka, F. (2017). Problem aspects of transformation in financial reporting of business entities in Ukraine. Geopolitics under Globalization, 1(1), 36-44

Your submission must be accompanied by a Cover letter. Please, download Cover letter form, fill, sign and e-mail it to the editorial assistant of the chosen journal.